Why fish should be an important part of your diet

    I’ve noticed that I started integrating fish into my regular diet a lot more since I started my angling expeditions. Of course, it’s a satisfaction I’m looking forward to partly because I will be eating what I will be catching. It’s kind of a primitive feeling, in a way, whenever you eat something […]

4 tips to catch more fish

    Successful anglers know there’s no magic to making great catches. Neither is there a specific formula that guarantees more fish in your cooler. To be able to become productive at fishing, one needs to remember simple things such as the following:   Always have the right equipment suitable for the fishing style you […]

Simple fishing techniques that a beginner can learn in no time

  Even if this is your first time fishing there are still a few simple techniques that any beginner can learn. After all it is always more fun when you are catching fish, instead of repeatedly casting. Here are a few techniques that can help improve any novice angler’s chances of having a successful fishing […]

Cheap fishing gear you can have fun with

Fishing gear isn’t extraordinarily expensive, but you have to pay attention to some factors in order to get the best value for the price. What’s more, sometimes it pays off to avoid investing in a high-end piece of equipment, and even more so if you have no expertise in the field or you’re just starting […]

Why The Big Lebowski is a fun movie to watch

    Expert movie reviewers consider The Big Lebowski an attitude, not a story. Let’s not worry ourselves too much about the plot. With a story that is earnestly pursued, the movie involves a porno king, a kidnapping, ransom money, a runaway girl, a reclusive millionaire, a woman who paints in the nude and while […]